One thought on “UN AMORE TENEBROSO

  1. Hi Patrizio, –
    Since I haven’t seen anything from you in a looong time, I checked out your blog and found nothing new published.
    Also noticed that you had in fact signed off my mailing list?
    Thought perhaps you had given up on your blogging, but yet here you are . . . ?

  2. If you are using some kind of WP app, I’m sorry to inform you that nothing comes through to my blog. I haven’t seen anything from you in months. And checking my mailing lists, your profile wasn’t to be found anywhere, which would indcate that you have signed off the list? You must have notived tht you no longer receive alert messages?
    And I post new post at least 10 -25 times pr month! If you are still interested, please re-enlist as a follower! (The system prohibits me from doing it for you!)


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